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Here in Mexico and just finished reading Built to Burn; must have had the book for four years. Only lived in GT for 32 years and never realised how much goodness the generations of Cavaliers have brought to the town; GT is so fortunate to have such a committed group of "guys" who are still going strong

Jane Elliott 

Delighted to hear about the Tower Bridge bonfire 2015 - good luck with the build can't wait to see it

Geoff Snell 

Decided to check the Cavaliers web site on a cold Sunday morning in Canada. Thrilled to see the U tube footage of the most recent bonfire and congratulations on your great success. (Nice to see Dave Kelly's  name and great that he was given the honour of lighting the fire). Any indication yet of when the next bonfire will take place - just might have to make it "home" again!

Richard Cranmer 

What a great honer to be involved in such an astounding event.  Well done to the Caviliers and all that paid to see the event - £60k raised - incredible!   Richard Two Tigers Fireworks.

Chris Edmondson 

Once again the Torrington Cavaliers excelled themselves with a fantastic night of entertainment, fireworks & bonfire. I've been reading Bob Brewers' book and haven't stopped laughing/crying. Roll on 2015 or sooner please :-)

Matt & Carol 

Here's my footage:


What a fantastic night!  Having travelled down from Cheshire with my family last year we saw the construction coming to life!  One year on we couldn't resist coming down for the lighting of it!  Fortunately we have relatives who have been good enough to put us up each time!! 

Thankyou and well done to everyone involved! 

John Piper 


Congratulations Cavaliers, you must be very proud. It was a fantastic show, the fireworks alone were worth the price of the programme!! Keep up the good work


Picture taken on the evening shows a ghostly face in the fire.  Wonder who it was?

Take a look by clicking the link below.

The Turner family 


Congratulations to the Great Torrington Cavaliers, their families and friends, and the many companies and businesses which have supported them, in producing such a magnificent event staged on Saturday night.


Those of us, who are lucky enough to live in Torrington or to visit it regularly, will have seen the gradual development of the castle over the last two years and marvelled at the scale of the enterprise.  On Saturday night we were not only treated to a great fire of the castle but also to two exceptionally good firework displays, watched by thousands of us.


The atmosphere in the town in the lead up to the event was electric, with crowds of people taking possession of New Street, which became effectively traffic free after 4.00pm on Saturday.  The stewarding of the evening was informal and jolly but organised and run with discipline, to ensure our safety and also to make sure we paid!  This was a major event which was really well organised.


Due to presentation, it was not possible for anyone more than a few rows back from the front, the position for most of us, to see any of the pre-fire activities, however, the public address arrangements where very good and we could all hear clearly.  This might suggest some remote video display screens for next time, since there must be a next time very soon!  Temporarily lost children, which always seem to be a problem, could perhaps be largely eliminated by having a meeting point balloon, which could be visible from all points, flying say up at the toilet block end.  This would enable the public address system to be used for the activities without frequent interruptions, and of course in the event of an emergency, if required.


We all hope the Cavaliers raised a good sum of money for the charities they support.  Thank you again for your very hard work, which has given so may of us so much fun and pleasure, and makes us very proud to be part of Great Torrington.

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